Seating for the screening as part of the exhibition of the finalists of the Oskar Čepan Prize 2020 in the New Synagogue in Žilina

The Oskar Čepan Prize 2020 finalists’ exhibition took place during the height of the pandemic and the intention was to create a design that creates a safe space – both functionally and psychologically. At the same time, the cubicles have integrated sound systems, so it was possible to place the projection freely in the exhibition space without the sound from the projection spreading through the space, and also vice versa, without the viewer being disturbed by the operation of the exhibition. The building is made of soundproof panels made of recycled textiles. The panels themselves were also used for the second time. The first time they were used in a different way at the exhibition of the finalists of the Oskar Čepan Prize 2019 at the East Slovak Gallery in Košice. They themselves contain a kneaded curtain from the COČ 2018 exhibition (OD Dunaj, Bratislava). The principle of recycling material and visual residues also determined the entire visual identity of the prize during these four editions.

23 / 7 / 2020
by MAG D A
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