Proposal of skyscrapers for the New City of Prague, Josef Havlíček, 1943-1945

“Gigantic towers, in author’s terminology “elevated”, were equipped with an original tent structure. Josef Havlíček imagined these buildings right in the centre of the city of Prague in his project for the Nové Město pražské (“New City of Prague” quarter) in 1943-1945. The idea was to counterbalance the presence of the Prague Castle. Considering their mammoth scale, visible from a considerable distance, Havlíček’s towers could also establish a new focal centre of the central Czech landscape.”

Towers of the New City in the panorama of Prague. Source: Archív Útvaru rozvoja hl. mesta Prahy

Scale comparison with the Powder tower. Source: Archív Útvaru rozvoja hl. mesta Prahy

ŠVÁCHA Rostislav: Dějiny českého výtvarného umění 1939/1958, str. 41,42, Academia 2005, ISBN 80-200-1390-3
10 / 3 / 2018
by Michal Janák
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