Offer study for 4800 apartments by S. Talaš, P. Janča and P. Mrázek, 1984

One of the lesser-known aspects of Czechoslovak architecture is the work of designers abroad. For the understandable reasons of the impenetrability of the Iron Curtain, the projects mostly focused on the construction of embassies and their associated buildings. However, quite a few architects in the 1970s and 1980s worked in North African countries within the framework of the cooperation of socialist states, especially in connection with the construction of housing estates. The publication Stavoprojekt Bratislava 1949-1989 deals with this topic in a separate category – Works abroad. It is a fascinating look at solving topics unknown in the domestic environment and coming to terms with a foreign cultural environment in the context of contemporary criticism of modernist universalism and emerging globalization.

From the projects, we select the Offer study for 4,800 apartments from 1984 by the authors S. Talaš, P. Janča and P. Mrázek.

Project published in the Stavoprojekt collection, Bratislava 1949-1989, special purpose publication of the Stavoprojekt from the editorial staff of internal publications. Compiled by Ing.Arch. Pavol Mrázek and Ing. Jozef Skala, Csc. Chief editor Juraj Koutný.
30 / 1 / 2018
by Michal Janák
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