Speed Date / VLASTA KUBUŠOVÁ, Crafting Plastics!

Photo: Marek Wurfl

Vlasta Kubušová has been nominated for the German Design Awards 2018 in the Newcomer category

Where are you from?
I’m just a girl from Petržalka, the (in)famous housing estate in Bratislava.

Where did you study?
Where didn’t I?

But no, at two/three universities in Bratislava: VŠMU (Academy of Performing Arts), STU (Slovak University of Technology) and VŠVU (Academy of Fine Arts) for a while. Also at one in Berlin – UDK (Berlin University of Arts) + loads of workshops all across Europe.

Who was your best teacher?

Who are your parents?
Fortunately, they are economists and tax advisors.

What don’t you enjoy?

What was the last thing you did and enjoyed?
I tied boating knots and read on a rocking boat in Croatia.

What do you listen to?
Mostly some internet radios and podcasts.

Your favourite film or cartoon?
I don’t have just one. Last time I was sick I watched the first season of Handmaid’s Tale in two days and it was thrillingly shocking. From the latest titles, maybe Beuys (2017) or On Body and Soul (2017) by Ildikó Enyedi.

Who do you respect as an authority in and out of your field?
For instance Olafur Eliasson, Faye Toogood, or Suzanne Lee

What thing did you last buy?
Five books for my holiday and samples of some odd materials in Modulor.

If you won a considerable sum of money, what would you buy?
Laboratory equipment 🙂

Do you buy professional literature?
All the time.

Do you vote?
Of course.

Who throws best parties?
My boyfriend.

Do you talk to yourself?
Only when I’m working.

Your favourite dome?

A party dress. Made by…?
By my mum. We have a habit that she always sews me some for some special occasion.

What’s on your desktop?
A mess 🙂 As opposed to the most of designers I know.

The best exhibition?
Love & Fear, London Design Museum.

What do you respect both from the local and foreign design scene? And why?Everything that tries to push the boundaries.

Ethics or money?
Ethics, but you know how it goes: no money, no game.

An extraordinary book?
I have more of them, but the last ones for me: Shopping in Jail by Dougles Coupland or Emperor of America by Martin Pollack.

Optimist, pessimist, nihilist?
I’m a workoholic/optimist.

Do you have any hobby?
My work.

Individually or in a collective?
I’ve always enjoyed it more in a collective.

Slovakia as the Promised Land?
Perhaps in 10 years’ time?


28 / 8 / 2017
by MAG D A
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