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responding to Gabriela

What do you think is a good exhibition of architecture / architectural exhibition? Could you name some example, or some general principle, something you consider relevant?

The most interesting exhibition we saw recently was a big retrospective of Edward Burne-Jones at Tate Britain. We don’t know if we can consider it an architecture exhibition, but the great Pre-Raphaelites master was painting fictional and imaginary worlds with a great level of the detail. The scene he was depicting are in a way more than simple architectural images, but real environment full of stories and references to endless possible realities. We think a great architecture exhibition is not about displaying architecture itself, but about letting us think about which possible worlds can this architecture host.

The Guardian, review Edward Burne-Jones at Tate Britain

Edward Burne-Jones: The Golden Stairs.

1 Parasite2.0 was founded in 2010 by Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino and Luca Marullo. Studio is based between Milan and Brussels.They investigate the status of human habitat acting within a hybrid of architecture, design and visual art.
In 2016 they have won YAP MAXXI. Among other places, they were exhibiting also at Aformal Academy in the 2015 UABB in Shenzhen or at the Venice Architecture Biennale in the 2012 and in the 2014.
They published book Primitive Future Office which was one of the outcomes of the project with same title which started from the research developed within the VIR artist residency program in Milan 2014.
They are Professor at the MADE Program and Assistant Professor at the Politecnico di Milano and NABA Nuova Accademia Belle Arti Milano.
Brief Encounter* is a short and quick format that aims to reveal relationships between individuals, different professions, etc. By avoiding a more complex interview, it aims to recall the immediacy, the lightness of a single, acute, direct but essential question. A brief encounter of two people, a chance to ask someone about something related to their professional interest at a given time, publicly. A meeting framed by the extent of a single question and the virtual space of MAG D A.
* Brief Encounter comes from the 40´s movie by David Lean, about a chance meeting of two random people at a railway station.
24 / 1 / 2020
by Gabriela Smetanová
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