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responding to Gabriela

What do you think is a good exhibition of architecture / architectural exhibition? Could you name some example, or some general principle, something you consider relevant?

We are very intrigued by immersive and performative exhibition formats. For this reason we would like to open up your proposed framework of the exhibition to a wider field.

For us we see performances and happenings relating to spatial production, architecture and the build form as relevant as they question the standard producing of space and usual modus operandi.

When discussing your question, we realized, that equally to exhibitions we visited by ourselves, we are very much influenced by formats, that we have not experienced and know by text and images.

For this reason our short and spontaneous list includes past and current exhibitions, we find relevant for our practice:
Bernhard Rudofsky: Architecture without Architects, MoMa New York, 1964-65
Gordon Matta Clark & Carlo Goodden: FOOD, New York 1971-73
San Rocco: Collaborations, Architecture Biennale Venice, 2012
Druot, Lacaton & Vassal: Tour Bois Le Pretre, DAM Frankfurt, 2012-13
Hans-Jörg Voth: Boot aus Stein, Ijsselmeer, 1978-81

The last mentioned artwork is for us relevant because it addresses the whole process of the production of the art piece. Not only the end result, in this case the stone boat, is relevant, but also the circumstances and the ecology of the place:
the place, the architecture, where it is thought and produced, the fact the persons sleeps and works there, as well as social gatherings, become part of the whole.

Boot aus Stein, 1978-81.

Atelier Fanelsa is a young architecture practice from Berlin,  involved in private projects, public buildings, exhibitions, conversations, and publications.
Brief Encounter* is a short and quick format that aims to reveal relationships between individuals, different professions, etc. By avoiding a more complex interview, it aims to recall the immediacy, the lightness of a single, acute, direct but essential question. A brief encounter of two people, a chance to ask someone about something related to their professional interest at a given time, publicly. A meeting framed by the extent of a single question and the virtual space of MAG D A.
* Brief Encounter comes from the 40´s movie by David Lean, about a chance meeting of two random people at a railway station.
8 / 11 / 2019
by Gabriela Smetanová
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