New Work / TOMÁŠ KRÁĽ: Beak


The new collection of glass containers by designer Tomáš Král is meant for wine and water. The designer who has been teaching at the prestigious ÉCAL University in Lausanne for a few years brings variations of different proportions of one form based on a long neck, a "little beak" for pouring and a larger capacity for liquid. The beak borrows the title to the whole collection. A bit like in the aviary with a flock of thirsty birds stretching their necks. The collection was made for the Turkish company NUDE GLASS (part of Sisecam Group) and the author keeps the nudity in the accurate shape extraction. From the practical point of view, the decanters’ design does not allow ice cubes to fall out when pouring. Tomáš Král sticks to his unique designer style, putting emphasis on a well-thought- out shape that enhances the product functionality.

16 / 10 / 2017
by Ľubica Hustá
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