When Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger wondered how he would contribute to the exhibition Offline Design – an old-world design that was in Vienna at the Spazio Pulpo Gallery during the September Vienna Design Week, he chose the subject of smartphone dependency. He decided to produce his own “fake” models. Some have only the shape and weight of the smartphone, some have experienced different textures on the surface, some vibrated. He was most attracted to the prototype that simulated scrolling. For MAG D A, he said: “I tried several forms, but finally I focused on the most common moves we use on smartphones. Unlock, scroll, scroll, zoom in. I wanted to get a gentle massage for my fingers. “He then thought about the various choices of movement and the feelings associated with scrolling. As the best material for his smartphone, he picked natural stone beads in the final and matte soft plastic. “Natural stones evoke the world of esoteric, they are attributed to their special energy. And there is also formal similarity to the praying rosary. Sometimes it seems to me that one and the other is a form of trance. ”

28 / 11 / 2017
by Ľubica Hustá
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